Can’t catch a break

So, not only am I sick and desperately trying to kick this cold (we’re supposed to be going to a theme park on Tuesday), but I started my period the other day (again, yeehaw at the theme park!). Because that wasn’t enough, our main pipe out to the septic tank got clogged with TP, and backed up into the laundry room. Which is next to the homeschool room. Which is where I put the 10 boxes of peaches (there was a screamin’ deal from the back of a truck the other day). Which is the only room left in the house with original 1978 shag carpeting. In other words, fun times! Sigh.

Hubby was non-plussed (plus he doesn’t have the same apparatuses that the 6yo girl and I do, so tp isn’t super high on his priority list) about the whole thing. Interesting because years ago I broached the subject of family cloth with him, and he shot me down. Things may have shifted enough that he won’t flip out now…

So tomorrow is salvaging what I can from the damp laundry detergent boxes (yay for buckets!), sponging the carpet again with a towel, and moving things around, again. Well, and cleaning up all the canning I did the last few days. Especially since we’ll have to separate all the peaches out tomorrow so they don’t go bad as easily/quickly. Sometimes I really wish we didn’t have as much going on. The kicker is that we don’t really do much… we have our homeschool co-op once a week, then swim lessons once a week. In between that is playdates and errands and people visiting (usually a grandma, occasionally the grampa)


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