I had started typing away, on my shrunken little tablet keyboard, and poof.  The browser crashed, and away it went.  Sigh.  About on par with the day.

I’m worn out.  Today, it’s been a combination of getting details squared away for a 60+ person trip to a local theme park as a not-back-to-school shindig (who knew unlimited refill drink bands would create drama?!), breaking up fights betwen the kids, getting more handwriting pages ready for my lefty of an 8yo, cajoling the 4yo into a nap with a timer after his fifth screamy meltdown of the day, keeping an eye on the 6yo and my tape dispenser, and cracking the whip on the 8yo and 10yo who keep trying to think chores are beneath them.

Besides which, I’m still planning out stuff for our own homeschool year, getting stuff ready for the herbal remedy class and hands-on boy craft class I’m teaching at co-op this year, rearranging swim lessons because our co-op day changed, trying to get ahold of my cow guy to make sure he hasn’t forgotten me again this year, and pulling together some freezer meals for a friend who just had surgery and another who’s due with a new baby anytime this month.  Oh, and it’s harvest season.  So the canners have been making noises every so often as we gear up for the big push in a few weeks. No rest for the wicked I suppose.

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