Over the river and through the woods…

Hubby and I went up to the nearby forest service land last weekend.  Huckleberry picking and firewood scouting.  We multi-task like that.  Came around a mountain, and found a spot that had obviously been logged quite recently.  They have to thin the forests at some point, and only do bits at a time.  This particular one?  Gave us a spectacular view of our town’s lake.  That top right hook part?  Corner back there is where our town beach is.  The one the kids adore going to and having fun at.  I like the free part of it.  😀lake

Slightly farther off view with cool clouds above.  Yup, pretty much love where I live.

So then for some of our time, we got huckleberries.  We prefer slightly shaded spots – bigger berries, less hot.  This year the power line spot is quite productive, but the moose spot, not so much.  They seem to alternate years on a 2-3 year schedule.  That’s when having options is nice.



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