Last stop at the book shop

One last stop at the now-closed homeschool book shop in a nearby city.  This whole bunch, for $25.  Pretty much a steal of a deal, you know?  I’d already gone two other times, and spent more (first day I went was 25% off, got a bunch of Life of Fred and then Getty Dubay workbooks – things that *never* go on sale, and would’ve been snapped up shortly if I hadn’t; second trip was on 50% off day).  So yeah, all this for $25.  I was pleased with myself.
Close up of titles.  So now I have two copies of Raising Your Spirited Child, so I can give one away or loan it out as need be.

Yup, those are even All About Spelling flashcards (I already have some, but with all my “helpful” kids, having a second set around isn’t a bad idea) and two extra Learning Palettes (so I can basically have one per kid to minimize fighting).  See that dictionary at the top?  My 8yo wanted that one.  Because it was a flat rate for the box, I let the kids pick out well over half the books.  You want a tours-of-London (or France) book?  Sure, why not?

My daughter picked out the Idaho book, the cookbook, and the horse book.  I forget whether she or the 8yo picked out The Scarlett Letter, but whatever.  The 4yo I think picked out the Walt Disney Comics, cracked me up.


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