Early July Garden

The yard, left to right.

The grape trellis is starting to go up.

Poor strawberry bed, slowly working on weeding it when I can.yard02

Still looks messy, but it’s really not as bad as it was.  Hubby ran over everything with the lawnmower so it’s not as intense.yard03

Mowing down the asparagus ferns made a huge difference.  There’s a few little blackberry shoots happening by that pile of dirt (from the front where we put in the driveway addition) that I need to move sometime.  But in the old asparagus bed there…  we have some evil Canadian Thistle.  Those things are mean.  And yeah, I kinda want to Roundup the whole thing.  Given how anti-chemical I am, that should say something about how evil these things are.yard04

First raspberry harvest of the season.  I let the 8yo and 6yo eat them because I didn’t want to deal with them at the time.firstraspberries

Garlic scapes.  Still need to freeze them, didn’t have room in the fridge at the time.  Quite a little haul though.

Second raspberry harvest of the season.  The 8yo and 6yo and 4yo were the ones that gathered this bounty.  Not bad, eh?  4yo is still learning about what ripe things look like, still a work in progress.

Lilies in bloom!  Yay!

The beans are starting to come up.  Around the weeds.  Need to get in there and weed.

Beans and cucumbers around the trellis, tomatoes that are slowly acclimating.


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