Strawberry Jam

So, it all starts with flats of strawberries.  Picked these from a local farm.  Not pictured, one flat I’d already decimated.

Start with rinsing/washing them, and cutting the tops off.

Then I’m lazy and use my food processor to smush them up.  Hey, it works for me.  You can use a potato masher if you want, I’m all about getting things done quickly here.

From three flats of strawberries, I ended up with two and a half gallons of strawberry puree.  I actually ended up using some for homemade yogurt, so not *all* of this turned into jam.  At this point, I shoved all these jars into the fridge to deal with later.  Later ended up being the night of July 4th.  They just couldn’t wait any longer, they were going to attempt to ferment.  And that doesn’t make for awesome jam.

And then that happened.  Nine boxes of pectin, bunches of strawberries, and some blueberries.
One batch of blueberry-strawberry on the left, six batches of plain strawberry in the middle, two batches of vanilla bean strawberry on the right, and one lone mixed-bag of bits of jam leftovers in the forefront.


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