Skip if you don’t like garden photos (but I like ’em!)

The yard.  It’s starting to slowly look better, bit by bit.  Still need to whack at that blue spruce on the edge there, keeps trying to make itself known there by the greenhouse.

I have baby Galas!!  I so wasn’t expecting that!  It’s the only branch on my 4-in-1 tree that’s had fruit so far.  It’s still a small tree though, so it’s not a big deal.

Yup, still a sucker for plants.  On the left is a little Granny Smith, the last one, I got from Big R.  On the right is the Flamin’ Fury peach from Costco, and the teeny ones are my elderberries.  And some lilies.  Been moving my still-in-use pots to one location so we can better clean up the rest of the garden.  Slowly but surely.

Grape vine.  Hubby has started setting posts in concrete for this puppy.  The trellis shall happen in the next few weeks.  Super excited for the hammock.  It’s the little things.

My mint pot.  The big green one is spearmint.  The darker one on the right/bottom is peppermint.  Supposedly, the small one on the left is also peppermint, but it doesn’t smell right…

Yippee!  Plants!!  The radishes at the bottom are doing great, I thinned them last week.  The turnips in the middle, I need to finish thinning.  The kale in the middle is a bit tiny, and the beets toward the top are holding their own for being little babies.  Once they’re bigger I’ll thin them out a bit.  Need to replant the edges – the lettuce and radishes I’d put there never came up.

Overview of two of the raised beds.  Back is veggies, front is herbal.  Far right is strawberries, you can see the garlic scapes going bonkers.

Ahem.  The strawberry bed.  With evil weeds.  And lots of happy garlic. 

The cattle panel trellis of beans and cucumbers behind the grape vine.  I left a big walkway there because of the whole trellis-under-construction thing.

Closer up of all the beans and cucumber seeds I planted.

The double trellis I planted a few days back.  Green pole beans, red kidney beans, marigolds.  Need to do a quick weeding.  Oh, at the back of this tunnel I put a few tomato cages with peas planted – so the peas can climb the tomato cages.

Tomatoes.  I’m a little light on these this year.  Didn’t get mine started in time, and the tiny ones were freebies from a gal in a mom’s group.  And her cat or child had a little fun/accident with them, so we’ll see what surprise varieties we got.  😀

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