This and that

First strawberries from the garden.

So…  the 4yo and I went to Lowe’s when all the big kids were at Grandma’s for the week.  I’m a sucker for plants.  Yeah, my downfalls.  4yo picked out a cute lemon tree (so I need to find a pot so I can cart it inside come fall), and I found Spartan and Pink Lemonade blueberries!  I’d been hunting for them for at least a year.  Now to work on getting my orchard set up in the backyard…

First attempt at root beer kefir.  They definitely need the extra extract (3/4-1 tsp).  This is just flavoring from a store, I have plans (and sassafras root!) to make my own here in a bit.

Minor laundry room update.  Got a few of the shelves up.  Can’t get the ones up in the shower stall or on the opposite wall until other things happen (shower stall shelves still need to be cut and stained, washer wall shelves are waiting for the rest of the wall to turn blue).  Still need to paint the sink legs and get that all mounted/put together, get the mirror up, and find me a new light fixture.  Again, things go slow here.

More accidental mozzarella.  I actually tried to make mozzarella on purpose the other day, and ended up with ricotta.  Only I can manage to make something awesome on accident, when the on-purpose stuff fails.  So anyway, more mozzarella!

This evil week keeps trying to take over my strawberry bed.  Sigh.  It’s certainly kept birds and everything else away from the strawberries, I’ll give it that.  Still working on weeding this bed and thinning out the carrots. weed

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