Laundry Room Update

Because you must be on the edge of your seat, seeing a room get redone over the course of months.

Before.  This is the potential shower stall.  That we’ll never use as a shower stall, so might as well make it work for us.
Yeah, that’s what 30-some year old white paint looks like.  Yummy, eh?  The white bits are things I needed to patch and prime.  Also, you can see the difference age makes with paint.  This room doesn’t get a ton of natural light, either.

Bottom half of the yucky shower stall.  You don’t even want to know what the hubby and 10yo vacuumed up around that shower drain.

About to get started on the next portion of painting.

Paint’s still wet, but neato.

Little less… yucky.  Hard to tell here, but yes, that’s all blue.  Yes, we’re pulling the trim at some point, so I could paint on it all I wanted.

Looking from in front of the shower stall towards the sink/toilet/freezer.

My redneck way of keeping the washer nice and white.  An old and busted fitted twin sheet.  I thought it was rather brilliant.

Paint’s all dry, and my 10yo’s holding up the mirror about where it’ll go.  So many components are here and hanging around, but still in progress to get all assembled and in their places.


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