We got a new dishwasher!!!!!

Blueberry Banana Buttermilk muffins.  Yum.  Still working on seeing if a good crumble topping makes them even better.  And yes, I totally tried one fresh out of the oven.  Taste testing and all.

Our old Frigidaire dishwasher finally bit it.  Got cranky about, you know, doing anything.  There’s only so many times a day I feel like visiting the circuit breaker.  Not to mention, those stupid plastic things on the front?  Dead.
You can barely read the ones we used the most (you know, child lock, rinse, and start, silly things), the plastic was cracking from the regular use and all.

So after much gnashing of teeth and shopping around, we ended up with a surprising choice.  The one on the left is the new dishwasher.  See how pretty and encased it all is?  Versus the Frigidaire that’s insulation is all kinds of nasty/falling apart?  Yeah.  I had two dishwashers in my dining room for several house that night while things were happening.

This is the classiness of our house.  Sigh.  Our new dishwasher has a plug all ready to go, it doesn’t need to be hardwired like most dishwashers.  So hubby grabbed a neighbor electrician friend to help put in that single plug there for the dishwasher.  Because nothing in our house is ever easy, they had to mess with the location a bit because of the wackiness known as wall studs.  In this house, sometimes they’re where you want, sometimes not.  Don’t even get me started on the floor.  Yeesh. 

All ready to go.  Some extra busted linoleum pulled up, all the weird stuff vacuumed out, ready for the magic to happen.

And there she is!  Our brand new Miele dishwasher!  It really is a pain to find straight up white appliances.  We’re not brand loyal, we’re quality loyal.  And this one was barely more than a horrible-to-repair Samsung we’d been looking at, or a Kenmore Elite that I hadn’t liked the layout of.

The inaugural load of dishes!  And just check out how much I can shove into this thing!  Still need to figure out layouts and what will work best.  It’s one of those experience things.

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