Cuteness and a train car. Oh yeah, and a crockpot.

That fancy new dishwasher of mine?  I think I love it.  It’s so cool.  I can put plastic any old place I want since it doesn’t have a heated dry (it uses super hot water for the final rinse, so between that and the stainless tub, they kinda dry themselves for the most part.  No worse than the heated dry on the old and busted Frigidaire.

Since I am a homeschooling mother, I approach things a little differently than most.  I have to test this new dishwasher, and see what it can and cannot handle.  Enter the crockpot.  This is the leftover from Chicken Louisianne.  Granted, the crockpot had been soaking in water for a while, but this was still all stuff that just strongly running water still wouldn’t/couldn’t get off.

After?  Not bad, eh?  I think it’s fairly impressive, compared to every other dishwasher I’ve had.  Yeah, I had to hand scrub that ring off, but hey, like I said, I need to know my appliance’s limits.

Cuteness.  They were just goofing around, being all cute the other day.  They’re posed here, but their goofing around was somewhat similar.  Just not looking at me.  Super cute photo of them, despite the evil redeye.

The big three went off on their adventure to Grandma’s house for the week, leaving this little guy all by his lonesome with Mom and Dad.  So, we did what anyone would do.  We went and had dinner in a train car.  And got a photo.

The food was yummy.  And the atmosphere?  Wow.  It’s an old early 1900’s train car, with a ton of original stuff.  This woodwork and stained glass…  I wish I could take it home.  So neat.  I love how much character/craftsmanship older things have.  Hubby thinks most of the wood here is mahogany, and I just wish we could make the kitchen cabinets in our potential remodel this color.  So pretty.


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