Baby essential oils!!

I was trying to figure out how things would fit into the little first aid kit thingies my class is going to make in next year’s co-op class.
It’s a little Altoid-size tin (an Ice Chip tin if you’re curious – we like the ice chips, and I knew I’d find a use for these adorable little boxes at some point).

But then to figure out how to differentiate between the remedies…
I’m still in the testing phase (my 8yo wanted his own first aid kit, so he’s my guinea pig).  Decided to try nail polish.  Hubby was running out to the store, so I gave him a list of nail polish colors to come home with.  Poor guy.  And hey, when did nail polish go up in price so freakin’ much?  I sent him off with instructions to get the cheap $.99 Wet-n-Wild.  Which apparently hasn’t existed for years, now it’s like $2-3/bottle.  Who knew.

My first test.  The 8yo is beyond excited about his own little first aid kit.  In each of these little roller bottles is like 3-5 drops of essential oil (blend) and the rest is fractionated coconut oil.  So it’d still be hard for a kiddo to OD on their meds so to speak.  🙂

Aren’t they so adorable?

Got dandelions?  Yeah.  Whoops.  And the kids will only collect so many before declaring mutiny on me.  The other day my 5yo girl picked a bunch, and was such a sweetie and cut the petals off as well.  Hubby said he came upon her when she was cutting petals…  a few dandelions had closed up since coming inside the house, and she was sitting at the table, happy as a clam, telling them “you can’t hide from me, little dandelion!” as she chopped off their heads.  Heh.

Consignment sale number one of the month.  Stocked up on some girl size 10 and 12 stuff we were short on.  Then a few other big boy things… more intact-knee pants for the 4yo and 8yo, and some really big boy jeans.  Even found some extra swim trunks for the 4yo (I have to get picky and check for an inside-tying waist on these anymore, skinny kids make things interesting), as well as some little sunglasses for him, and a funky little purse for me (and a little one for the girl).


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