Organizing, ad nauseum.

Well, I spent more than a few hours in the basement the other day.  It still looks rough since I still need hubby to hang some shelves and I need to sell some stuff, but it’s better!  There’s floor!  Still a pile of tubs of crap hubby needs to burn in the yard, but still.  Picking my battles here…  Love that retro green table and barrel stool?  Hand-me-downs from my parents.  Was my mom’s old sewing setup until my dad got her a giant wall unit that is a freakin’ monster.  I repurpose all kinds of things with no qualms around here.  It’s been a storage table, landing area in the basement for a while now.  Hopefully turning it this way helps make it better, especially since this month hopefully hubby will be building me a counter for the unseen wall to the left here to house my food buckets and jar cases, leaving me more landing space for things as they make their way down here.

The other side of organization in the basement.  This is a combination of homeschool supplies and books, sewing stuff, canning/food stuff, and toys.  Yup, we’re all over the map down here.  Hence the post-it notes on buckets as I’m still sorting out exactly what I want and where.  That blue laundry basket is full of stuff to sell, that play sink may make it’s way to the homeschool room in the next month, who knows.

Homeschool room.  I know it looks awful and crazy right now.  But it’s an organized crazy.  The curtains, I’m working on a timeline thing.  To be shown at some point, if/when I get it done.  The pile of stuff to the left/in front of the wood stove, is mostly school/craft stuff of mine that needs to be put in the proper places.  The table on the right?  All consignment.  I need to start labeling that and getting it out of there, just needed to get it all in one place as I get started on it.

It always looks worse before it gets better.  Always.  Kind of overwhelming at first.  Especially when I’m trying to figure out what I want to put where, and what makes sense.

The pantry, from left to right.

Seed starting shelves and booze.  And water heater.  The wheat grinder will have a new home in the other basement room sometime soon if things pan out how we want.  Leaving more room for jarboxed canned goods, or something.

Hey look, our water heater!  Seriously, I cannot recommend that drip pan idea enough.  It’s saved our bacon at least twice since we put it in.  Simple, but awesome.

Why yes, I like canning jars.  Half-gallon to 40z, to Grolsch style.  All over the map here.

Love me my Jarboxes.  Jeri is such a sweetheart, I had the pleasure of meeting her a few years back.

Yup, I’m a fan of post-its to label everything.  Easily changeable, cheaper than P-Touch label refills, and yeah.  The colors don’t hurt, even if I’m not a fan of neon.


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