Lard and shelves just go together like peanut butter and jelly

The semi-cut up lard, ready to heat up.  It can be a bit aromatic sometimes, so I do the bulk of heating/stirring outside.

See, the pot’s about a third full of chunked up goodness.  The butcher didn’t grind it up for me (not fond of USDA butchers, and I’ll leave it at that), nor do I have a meat grinder.  Yet.  So whatever, I just ran with it.

Using a big giant pot is nice.  Less splatter issues, and more surface area to heat up.  You can see how large this pot is compared to the 20lb propane tanks.

What it looks like as I start pulling out some of the lard.  I don’t have a meat grinder, so I just cut up the lard into bits and ran with it.  I just needed to get it done, and there was zero room in my freezer for lard.

The sanded and painted by me shelves for the DVD wall.  There totally is a plan, just takes some time.

Here’s hubby and the 4yo (in the dank pit lighting of the living room) finding wall studs to hang the eight-foot shelves.  It’s been in my plans/idea banks for over a year, it’s just the execution takes some time around here.

Did some sanding and painting and staining the other day.  Not too shabby for this housewife.  I’m on a crazy organizing mission for this poor house and my sanity.


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