Who’s got booze?

We do!!  I started more vanilla.  Lemon, pomegranate, and more raspberry.  Don’t mind the jug of bourbon there, I’m taking it to school this week. 

My easy way of making chicken stock.  So I don’t have to always keep fresh and likely to mold veggies in the fridge for me to forget about, voila!  The handiness of dehydrated foods.

The other day was the day of breakfast cookies.  I made the perpetual zucchini chocolate chip oatmeal, raisin oatmeal (my kids aren’t fans of raisins, despite them just being grapes), and oatmeal-coconut-chocolate chip- bacon breakfast cookies.  The last were a brainchild of mine from tweaking a recipe I found somewhere.  Quite brilliant if I do say so.

Dishes.  Always dishes.  All. the. time.


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