Really folks?

Why are people so surprised?
Sure, I know I’m not skinny and have quite a bit of padding. Trust me, I know all about it, it’s really not new to me.
But really, why is it all that shocking that this mama can haul a box of cast iron or grunt and heft 5 gallons of milk in glass jars inside a soft-sided cooler? I’m freakin’ built like an 1800’s housewife, I can do quite a bit even though I’m not built like a stick. I don’t *like* hauling laundry up or down the stairs either or shoving furniture around to clean up who knows what, but still, I do it. You can build some interesting muscles cooking and hauling cast iron around, canning and hauling produce around and so on.  Like my triceps?  Those suckers are much stronger than my biceps nowadays due to my Le Creuset pots and pressure canners.  Just sayin’.


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