Today’s been interesting…

I took a friend’s conversation about 50’s style dresses to Beyonce the giant metal chicken, another friend’s conversation about homeschooling to fire-starting/survival and moonshine, and now I’ve been pinteresting the heck out of hobbit holes for our backyard guest house. It’s an idea I brilliantly came up with tonight, so I’m pinning before I forget.

We need some extra space/a guest room, have wanted a treehouse for the kids to play in/on for a while… A hobbit house out back would be great for a temporary treehouse (until we build one up in the maple tree, that we build the hobbit house around), would be insulated with earth so I could plant some garden-y stuff on it, and would be super amusing for a Lord of the Rings loving hubby. Not to mention, we could likely put a bed or at least a futon out there for when we’re occasionally overrun with grandmas or friends here at the house. Bonus, I could totally do a girl’s night in! I can’t do that with the layout of the house, all the noise (we’re *not* quiet) goes upstairs here. Back to search for more earthship designs…


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