Legos and gardens, perpetual around here

Because he’s cute.  And he wanted me to take a photo of him with his Lego cake.  He’s quite proud of it.  And his monkey pajamas.  Four years old already.

Very messy rough draft of this year’s garden layout.  I hope.  Lots and lots and lots of green beans.  More kidney beans, maybe some green bush beans.  Zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, basil, marigolds…  Some root veggies and comfrey in the asparagus bed.  The other (not strawberry) raised bed shall be medicinal herbs.  I hope.  The dotted raised beds are what I’d like to get put in this summer, but have zero plans of actually needing/using them this year.  Just planning/getting things ready and working.  Again.

Um, yeah.  The left half of the page is the front door.  That retaining wall needs to come out, and we’re going to do a stair-step kind of retaining wall there.  Yes, I have plans for what I want to put where already.  A girl’s got to be prepared.
The right half of the paper is the other (right) half of the yard.  In front of the sheds.  Shall become my “orchard.”  Well, as orchardy as I can get with my little lawn.  😀  Peaches and pears have issues in my cold yard, so my plan is to buffer them with some elderberry trees and blueberry bushes.  And yes, you see a fire pit there.  We’ve needed/wanted one for a few years.  The boys are old enough and know how to safely start a fire, and this way they can get some (contained!) practice.  Bonus, they’re going to learn how to do some fire/dutch oven cooking.


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