Piggie time!

Why yes, I sure do things a little different than most.  Yes, yesterday I dropped off a few freezer meals at my cousin’s house (she’s due any day now) to free up some space in the freezer for said piggie.  Got half a pig delivered (to my door!) this afternoon.
Fit neatly in a nice pile here.  I think this year’s pig was smaller than last year’s pig.  Hmmm.

All the cuts/packages laid out so I could sift through them and count them.  I wish my freezers looked like those beautiful pinterest ones.  Buuuut…  they don’t.  I don’t like much empty space in my freezers, and even baskets leave some dead space (perfect for a salmon fillet! or tray of sausage links!).  So no freezer photos.  Just think of your grandma’s freezer, and roll with that image.

When it was all said and done…
9lbs bacon
3 hams
1 ham hock
10lbs sausage
6 packages pork chops (usually two to a package)
2 pork steaks
4 pork roasts (I forsee some pulled pork this summer!)
1 spare ribs
leaf lard (left weird bag)
lard (weird bag on the right)


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