The ugly laundry room

It needs to not be so ugly.  We haven’t done anything in the last ten years besides replace old and busted appliances.  Sort of (don’t ask about the toilet or sink, just, no).  Well, and if we need to revamp it in here to be a temporary kitchen next fall, I need more than a 4″ deep sink to wash dishes/pots in.

I had been looking at a lovely, bright grass green down here.  Wouldn’t look too shabby if the Lowe’s color painter thing online was accurate.  But hubby said nope.  Okay, off to the store I went to get paint chips that go well with Ultra White (seriously, my house *needs* ultra white, no matter what the lovely paint store person tells you).  Came home with samples of these three lovelies.

And I must add, this is my first dalliance with any kind of color besides white and a blue that’s almost white and a soft/light yellow.

Every corner of this little room has a different lighting thing going on.  It really is a bit of a dank pit because it’s half in-ground.


A favorite sheet of mine that recently gave up and got a giant hole/tear in the middle of it.  But since I can’t bear to part with useful fabric, here it is.  Shall likely become a utility sink skirt and new curtain for the itty bitty window there.

We agreed on the one on the far right – Blue Skylights I do believe.  So I did two test patches.  One next to the natural sunlight…

The other in the dank/fluorescent light.  And don’t judge.  You stack things to the ceiling, too.

So the idea is with the walls all this blue, all the appliances (which are white) and the shelving we plan to put in (this lovely ultra-white demonstrated by this book holder thingie) will pop and keep it light and happy in here.   Hopefully it comes together like I want it to.

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