Four children in one room, that’s right.

The kids’ room is some variation of 10’x10′.  Might be 10’x11′.  It’s been a while since I’ve measured it.

The view from the door.  Yup, that’s maybe two feet of clearance from the door to the foot of the bunk beds.

View from over in front of/in the closet.  Sorry, it’s blurry. 

More of the room.  Yup, fan in the window to cool down the room in March (we heat with wood, it happens).  One dresser per child.  That tall one by the window?  Is the first of four.  Have another I need to stain and assemble, then need to take a trip to Ikea and get a few more.  If the kids’ clothes don’t fit into their dresser?  They have too many clothes.  Hence why we need different dressers – the small ones are beginning to be old and busted, and the kids’ clothes aren’t getting any smaller.  The 10yo has the dresser farthest away, the 7yo is the middle, 5yo is the low one.

The hamper is between that short third dresser and the wall.  Every inch in this poor house…  Then the left side of the closet.  It’s where sweatshirts/light jackets/occasional church shirt/dresses are hung.  Tub is shoes in non-current sizes.  The gray bins up top?  One has double sheets, one has twin sheets.  I have a laughable linen closet in the hallway.  Thinking of putting the kids’ suitcases from Grandma up there instead of that blanket to free up more space in the basement.

Right side of the closet.  The door’s basically behind those Legos.  I have no idea what’s in that rattan basket, I should probably find out.  Then it’s the wall of Legos.  The special sets that don’t get thrown into the giant tub (that we take to our homeschool co-op since I teach Lego class there).  And because my house is never Martha Stewart perfect, random barstools and bedding the kids have left lying around.

Despite the snug quarters?  This is what we find half the time.  They adore cuddling much of the time.  This was tonight, after all was quiet in the bedroom.  I think the 4yo’s in the trundle, the rest are in the double.
My own complaint logistic-wise is that after having this for years, I would’ve preferred twin/twin/trundle – less sheet sizes to deal with.  And changing bunk sheet suuuucks.  Until you make the kids do it, and the boys discover a novel way of getting to the far corners.  They move out the trundle a little, the 7yo gets under the double, and kicks up the mattress to make it easier to get the corner of the fitted sheet on.  Smart little buggers.  😀


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