My sweet little girl

Late yesterday evening, she wasn’t feeling so hot. She had a low-grade fever, was whiny, and said she didn’t feel good. After dinnertime, her ears hurt. So, when she stopped whining (ugh, I can’t be the only one that absolutely detests the sound of whining, makes me want to hop in the van and drive far, far away from the noise) long enough to tell me her ears hurt, we went on the defensive.

I put a drop of colloidal silver in her ear every few hours, gave her some arnica for the pain, and rubbed an EO blend that has peppermint in it around her ear. Took a few hours, and lots of whining (oh, the whining), but by 2am she felt better. She bounced out of the bedroom to use the bathroom, and told me that “You made me feel better, Mommy!” Awww. So sweet. Even if it was her body that did it, we just tried to help it with our little arsenal of goodies. And just in time for her to be finished with her painfest, the 10yo started complaining and whining of an earache. Oy. Doesn’t bode well for their future if they whine nonstop for hours with pain like that. I could even deal with moaning, it’s the high pitched bit that gets me.

Anyway. I hope it at least has a purpose… apparently some kids present with an ear infection several to ten days before becoming covered in pox, so there’s that.


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