The smaller school planner

My two planners.  My general everything planner on the left.  The new-this-year co-op planner on the right.

First up, the printouts of class schedules.  Because we’re always looking for someone or somewhere.  With that many kids and the classes changing so often (and most of them not used to classrooms period!), it gets interesting.  Having these printed out have been helpful.

Next section is for my Lego classes.  Each week, I give them a different challenge.  Build something with animals.  Use only one color.  Create a building.  That kind of thing.  Then towards the end of the hour, they come up and tell me all about their creation and I take their photo.  Here is where my notes about their creation reside.

My freezer cooking class.  The syllabus I sent home with the kids with specifics and all that jazz.

And then little pocket thingies for the actual recipes.  I might put the recipes in order of when we do them, if/when I figure that one out myself.

Next section is my plans for my herbal remedy class next year.  I need to gather up the supplies all this summer, definitely wasn’t something I could pull together in a week.  But with the pre-planning done now before the height of harvest season (when co-op begins again!), that’ll be one less thing to freak me out.  After this, I have a blank section for another potential/eventual class idea, and blank paper to insert elsewhere as need be.

And because none of my posts can go by without me mentioning food…
Chicken stock!  Yup, I get gelatinous blobs more often than not nowadays.  Takes time and finding the method that works for you.  My stock is yummy though.  This is concentrated stock from two chickens.  Takes up a bit more than 3/4 of that half-gallon jar.

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