Planner update, two years later

Still love it.  I love being able to change things out on a whim as my needs/ideas change.
On the left is my general, everything-in-mommy’s-head planner.  The cover is two years old, which is why you can barely see the black flowers anymore.  On the right, is my homeschool co-op notebook.  Co-op stuff started taking up too much room in my regular planner, that it needed it’s own.  Guts on that one shown in a different post.

First thing inside my planner.  A zipper pouch of pens (erasable Frixions! and regular ones) and pencil and eraser.  Then a second one for the flat coupons, a random dollar bill, whatever.

Then comes the list section.  I normally have my Winco and Costco price lists in here, but I’m in the process of reworking them to fit better in here somehow.  The printing world wasn’t build for half-sheet sized paper.  Sigh.  This list shown here?  Is my clothing inventory.  I hit consignment sales for my kids’ clothing needs, and those green highlighted bits are where we’re a bit short.  I have a new sheet I need to migrate all the numbers over to, it looks a bit less, uh, rough.

Another list-y thing.  Reorganizing/building shelving in the basement.  Plans of what shall go where, measurements for things, etc.

Homeschool section.  Here’s where I keep an eye on some of the school stuff.  Write down good book ideas, how Sonlight’s cores have changed, whatever.

The real workhorse of my planner.  The weekly bits.  Yes, it’s fuzzy, sorta on purpose.  I was too lazy to block out a few things.  On the left is a blank page, so I scribble whatever I need to on it.  Yes, I love post-its.  Especially for grocery lists.  If hubby ends up going somewhere, I just hand him the post-it and boom, done.  On the right, is the magic.  It’s a grid knock-off from the now-defunct BusyBodyBooks.  The columns can be whatever I want them to be.  They can change from week to week if I want.  Currently, the first column is the date.  I’ll also scribble in the weather if I manage to check the forecast (on 90*F days, I’m *not* using the oven).  The second column is kid stuff.  Third is mommy stuff.  Fourth is whatever…  planning ahead for stuff, gardening, errands, needed groceries for the menu plan, whatever.  Fifth is food prep – canning, thawing, getting something ready for the next day or three food-wise.  Sixth and last column is menu planning.  Here, the red is breakfast, green is lunch, blue is dinner.  I do that in my erasable Frixion pens so I can switch it up if need be.  So then I can see my entire week at a glance – what we’re up to errand wise, what food is on deck, etc.

Another week, not so filled in.  Because we’ve been exposed to chicken pox, so our dance card (so to speak) is pretty bare for the next three weeks.  Sometimes I use those little blue listy things, especially if I think it’ll need to carry over to the next week.

The monthlies.  Great for planning ahead.  You know when you get a dentist appointment for six months in advance?  This is where it goes.  That awesome homeschool convention you’ve been wanting to go to for years?  Date gets written down in here.  I also plan ahead with canning and such.  At various places during July/August I have written down when I need to start stalking the fruit warehouse or the local u-pick patch for various goods.

In my finance section, the year of ‘irregular’ expenses all laid out.  To help plan ahead for the ‘unexpected.’

Another sheet in the finance section.  Bill pay tracker.  It’s a freebie I came across, somewhere.  Printed it out all pretty on hefty cardstock, and in it went.

Gardening and canning section.  This sheet is my 2014 canning.  I also have herbs I plan to plant or harvest from my yard, potential garden layouts on graph paper, you name it.

Here’s my canning cheat sheet since I haven’t gotten my printed version to work out yet.

Herbal section just seems like it should be next to the gardening section.  Lists of essential oils I *do* have, list of the ones I still need, list of dried herbage/supplies I need for various salves and tinctures.

Quick overview of the herbs I have more info on elsewhere, hubby got me a subscription to Herbal Roots Zine for Christmas this year.  ❤

A spiritual tab.  I do my own thing, ’nuff said.

Menu planning.  This is my long-range planning.  I almost never stick to it.  We run low on eggs, something else was thawed and needs used before something else, whatever.  This is just a starting point for me.  This month I was trying to use up things from the freezer to make room for freezer meals I’m making for my cousin, and to make room for the half a pig that’s arriving in a few weeks.  I take this up to the weekly section and switch it up on the weekly page as need be.

Closer up of my month menu insanity.  We homeschool, and hubby works from home.  I have to have a plan to feed us, somehow.  Sure, it may be pre-made (by us) waffles or french toast sticks for the 10yo and 7yo to heat up in the morning for everybody for breakfast, but I have to plan ahead in order to have those made and ready.

Freezer meal inventory and when I put it in.  This is a recent list.  I kept forgetting what variety of chicken/pork I had marinating out in the freezer.  This should help with that.

Blank pages for notes and what not.

Address pages.  Could never find any good ones I liked, so decided winging it was just what was going to happen.  So yes, these are businesses we swing by, complete with phone numbers and some hours (because I can never keep track of those anymore).

After addresses, more addresses!  I keep business cards in my planner.  If you need chlorine-free swim lessons or a consignment shop or local honey or used homeschool supplies, I know a gal.  If you need hundreds of pounds of apples or grain or beef/pork/chicken, I know a guy.  The people I like that have been nice to me, I’ll hand out their business cards like candy to keep them in business.  😀

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