You ever accidentally leave something heating up on the stove?

Yeah, I did the other day.  Whoops.  I was heating up milk for buttermilk (it’s just easier on my sanity to just keep making buttermilk mother which means I have to pasteurize the milk first – then I just need to remember one process).  And went to go load up the van with some stuff to drop off, meaning to come in and turn the stove off before I left.  Whoops.  Hubby texted me while I was out, but the milk had gotten to almost 200*F instead of the 160* I had been shooting for.  So after I got home, I went looking around for what I could do with my over-heated milk.  Google came to the rescue with ricotta!  Found a recipe on a gal’s blog to make ricotta.  With milk, cream, and buttermilk.  Hey, I’ve got all that on hand, so boom, done.  Here’s the end result after I strained the whey off.  Out of just shy of 2 gallons of milk products, I got this, 2.75 quarts of ricotta for a whopping $8 or so.  Pretty sure the 16oz containers of rubber ricotta at the store are around $3-$4, and not near as yummy as mine.  After I salted the ricotta, I finally understood why Miss Muffet liked her curds (ricotta) and whey so much.  🙂


We busted out the rotisserie the other day.  There was an incident, hence the shreddy stuff on the right, but still.  It was good.  It was a Foster Farm’s chicken though, not a local happy chicken.  So it didn’t have much flavor, and it wasn’t exactly busting with juice.  So the rest of the FF chickens we eat up in the next few months, I’ll just have to brine them before pulling out the grill (yup, our grill has a rotisserie, it’s awesome).

With the rest of the dry chicken from that critter above, and a half-gallon of stock in the fridge I needed to do something with, voila!  My 10yo said I needed to post the recipe online because it was so good.  That particular hollow-legged child ate three big bowls of soup.  There were barely any leftovers, and that pot was a lot more full before we started serving.
So the recipe?  Half gallon of concentrated chicken stock.  Cut up leftover chicken I picked from the carcass.  Finely chopped/diced celery and carrots, some dehydrated onions (yup, I was being lazy).  Salt, pepper, garlic lime chicken spice blend.  And ‘homemade’ egg noodles from Winco’s bulk section.  Basically, I looked at some other recipes online, and make up my own variation.  I’m going to have to buy more noodles.

To go with the soup?  Buttermilk rolls of course.  Because I have such a small stash of buttermilk and all…  😉  The rolls have a bit of a tang to them, kinda sourdough-y, but they’re good.  The loaf… well, I didn’t expect it to get that giant while rising.  It got kinda close to the element, so if/when I make it again, I need to put it on the lowest shelf in the oven.

See how tall that darned thing is?  That’s my 8-qt pot I’m making a gallon and a half of buttermilk in right now.  I’m thinking it’ll be pretty good as grilled cheese tomorrow…


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