Our haul from the homeschool book shop last weekend.  Hubby was so cute.  I showed him the fiction/early reader section, and he was down there browsing for like 30-45 minutes.  Bonus?  It was the shop’s once-a-year sale, and a bonus 10% off if you brought dad in (aka, dad was the coupon!).  So I got 30% off.  There’s a ’76 copy of Putting Food By, a first edition of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, and other fun books from hubby’s younger days.

My beloved waffle maker is on the left.  We got it as a wedding gift.  It’s 11yo and still kicking.  Except, well, waffles take forever when I can only do two at a time.  So I got the newest version Krups makes, the one on the left.  We shall see how it works this week, I have plans for a bunch of buttermilk.

The waffle forms look nice and big, so I’m hopeful.  And the salesperson at Macy’s said he’s never seen a Krups waffle maker returned (now the Black and Decker ones? yeah, those go back all the time).  I know my old one looks goofy, it’s the coconut oil I used to grease it, plus I use coconut oil in the waffles instead of vegetable/canola oil.  I clean it out before I start waffle-palooza.

My planner.  I sat down and planned out the week’s meals.  The weeks haven’t filled up much with stuff to get done yet.  I figured this week would be pretty light because we’re recovering the house/kids from hubby and I being gone for a few days.  I need to finish getting a few things ready for co-op though, plus some more cooking ahead.  That’ll keep me busy.

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