Always in the kitchen

So. much. cheese.  Granted, I’ve been working on some prep and freezer cooking in the last week for me and an about-to-pop friend.  But that’s a gallon bag full of shredded-by-me cheese, about 2.5 lbs give or take.  We went through that in a week, and I had to shred the rest of that giant brick the other day.

This is why muffin tins or regular mouth canning rings are important.  These are the muffins gone awry.  They were cinnamon toast muffins, and meh.  I’ve had better.  I’ll stick with the chocolate banana muffins and sour cream banana muffins (although I’m planning to try those with buttermilk instead of sour cream since I have tons of buttermilk).

Cinnabon loaves I modified from a pan recipe.  I love, love, love these little parchment loaf pans.  I have *got* to order more of these suckers.

My kitchen always looks like a disaster.  Today was the day of eight or ten batches of waffles, cleaning up after the granola making, etc.  The kids keep eating everything in sight, and most things need to be prepped/put together since most things are from scratch.  Hard for them to eat a bucket of cocoa powder or rolled oats, you know?  There’s worse things, but oy.  The dishes.


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