Why yes, I have cocooned myself away

I haven’t posted much at all in while.

I think part of it was that I felt too exposed and weary of all the judgement coming at me from a variety of places. Sure, I have my own way of doing things for myself and my family. But don’t bitch at me if it’s not exactly how you do things. Thus far, we still (sorta) live in the land of the free, and can all choose to do our own thing. If you want to send your kids off to boarding school, well, that’s your choice (and some days I totally get the urge!), own it. Don’t get bitchy to me because we chose to homeschool thereby doing something different than you. I really don’t care that much about what you do, as long as you have your child’s best interests at heart and aren’t being awful.

I’ve been focusing more on my family. I’ve had a rough year, and my schedule is all out of whack. I’ve been working on getting into a better schedule/rhythm for me so I can get stuff done. Lately hubby and I have been doing movie nights compliments of Netflix and our new-to-us DVR (see how we’re on the tail end of some trends?).  Fwiw, we have yet to be disappointed in true Michael Caine movies… some have just been a little strange and left us scratching our heads, but still. It’s Michael Caine. 😀

We’ve also been struggling with finding our ground again with some school. I’m still more unschooly/hands-off to some degree, but need to have the kids make *some* progress. So they’ve been tasked with doing Reading Eggs more often, practicing their handwriting, and we’ve discovered that Xtramath is easier on the tablet than on the netbook (netbook only has numbers at top of keyboard with no 10-key, tablet has them right on the screen and easier for the kids to find).

On a schooly note, I’ve been planning a book/craft class. There were no options for the Kindy aged set, so I reluctantly offered it. When I’m much more comfy teaching the Lego classes. Well, I managed to plan out the whole winter session, and am handing it off to some lovely, capable ladies (that I sort of conned into taking over) so I can offer a second Lego class for the glut of elementary aged boys we have. So I’ve spent the week prepping all that to make it easy on them.

On the bright side, hubby got me one of the Christmas gifts I wanted, a subscription to an herbal magazine. So while the kids are Lego-ing it up with their challenges, I’m going to be off to the side planning out my herbal class for the fall that I’ll do in addition to my Lego classes. 😀 It’s going to take more time to plan out, and I need to gather up supplies this summer as they ripen, but still. I think it’ll go over well.

It’s also been nice having my social life basically blow up with good friends. I’ve made several more friends through our homeschool co-op, and my mom’s group.  So much so, when I had a rough few drama-filled days, after venting to my poor saintly husband, I was able to catch a few good friends on facebook, and let loose. Because sometimes it just feels good to vent, get the words out, and then you don’t fester about it. So, so nice having that kind of community around you.  Bonus is that most of our kids all get along nicely, yay!   It’s taken me years to get to this point, I am grateful for those lovely ladies. Especially when we have similar demented senses of humor and can giggle for hours at each other or fight over a monster ornament. Mwahahaha.


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