Spaghetti organizing!

Yeah, that’s right, you see it.  First, I’d made a giant pot of MIL’s spaghetti sauce.  There was barely any room in the pot to stir it, so over seven quarts.  Wanted something to go with the spaghetti, so I dug out some buttery garlic knots.  But since I needed them to thaw/rise quickly to toss in the oven, well, yeah.  I think outside the box sometimes.

The during.  I’d pulled out all the spices I had in those drawers, and boom.  Insta-mess.  I like flavorful food, and my spice cabinet shows it I suppose.  That and we like salt.

Top drawer.

Second drawer.

Bottom two drawers.  The very bottom one is entirely full of salts, peppers, and cinnamon.  Since I can’t exactly grow and harvest those suckers myself.

See, all pretty and sorted and organized.  The wall is my herby goodness, at least the beginnings of it until we get more built up there.  That tower of drawers is all my spices.  I have little bits of them up in the kitchen, the refills are down here.  And you can see my lovely, re-boxed canned fruit there off to the side.  I got a bunch of Jarboxes when they were on sale before Christmas, and finally had a chance to start using some of them.  It looks so pretty now, versus the random fruit boxes I typically had them in.


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