Well crap.

So tonight I was at the grocery store.  Picking up a few random things – bananas (holy crap, my kids are on a banana kick!), green peppers, mushrooms, a few onions just in case the ones on top of the freezer have freaked out.  Because hubby and the 7yo want to make MIL’s spaghetti sauce tomorrow, but with fresh-ish ingredients (I have everything between my pantry/freezer/garage/dehydrated goodies, really).  Sidenote, the 7yo is going to learn how to cut/chop tomorrow.


I get all my stuff and head to the registers.  Get my groceries on the belt.  And behind me in line is a gal I know from our homeschool co-op.  I think it’s fair to say we were both looking a little ragged around the edges.  😀  But there was one giant difference.  I had a little basket about half full of stuff, she had a whole cart, overfilled with goodies.  That she said would only last a week and a half (and she’s only got two little kids!)  I was floored that she’d need that much food for a week and a half, for whatever reason.

Then as I’m walking out to my van, it hit me.  She’s likely buying *everything* for the week.  Everything.  From meat to veggies to noodles to bananas to spices to whatever.  It took me a few minutes to realize this because I’m so weird and non-wavering with how I currently approach groceries (hell, this is why our week-long vacation almost kinda freaked me out and we had to take an entire cooler of pre-prepped/home-canned food!).  I make and can my own tomato sauce.  We press our own cider.  I get some pig, most of our cow products from local farmers/butchers.  Working on the chicken thing, one thing at a time (we still buy boneless skinless breasts from Zaycon and thighs/drumsticks from Costco, I’m not perfect).  I buy like 5-100 of something at a time, not just one.  I’m so in my own little world, I forget that people approach this differently.  Sigh.

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