Almost Christmas time!

Jarboxes had an awesome sale a little while back.  I, ahem, took advantage of it.  Still need to get them all sorted and organized and put where I want them, but one thing at a time.

Hubby and I got this bowl as a wedding gift many moons ago.  I used it all. the. time.  It’s the perfect size for a single or almost double batch of most things, actually fits in the microwave (what, you’ve never forgotten to soften butter before?), has a good heft when you’re mixing and rotating it around, and it’s not metal (I can’t stand the sound of metal on metal with my hand mixer and stainless steel bowls).  It’s been used and abused, a lot.

It finally had enough.  It’s seen so, so, so many batches of pancake batter, waffle batter, endless muffins (remember the day of 209 muffins?), cookie batters, meatball and meatloaf mixing, you name it.  It had a long, full life I suppose.  Kinda made me sad because it’s been so good, but I also no longer talk to the person that gave it to us, so…  Guess it was time.

Not the clearest photo, but this is an ornament I made for an ornament exchange.  I saw some adorable monster stuffed animals on Pinterest, and decided to make an ornament.  It was fought over at the [white elephant type] exchange, cracked me up.   I need to make a few more for each of the kids, but one thing at a time.  We’ll probably leave our tree up a few days past Christmas anyway.

Spent some time reorganizing the pantry.  Holy cow, it’s some hefty work.  I was sore after that seven hour day.  It’s slowly starting to look prettier/more organized.

Our yearly cruise to the North Pole.  These kids crack me up.  I swear, the 3yo cannot do a normal smile.  Ever.  😀

Yup, just a normal, working kitchen.  With no counter space.  Sigh.  There’s always something going on in here.  At this moment, a double batch of waffles, (lots of) dirty dishes, and a canner that needs emptied and put away.


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