Bleepity bleep bleep bleep

Go ahead, pick your favorite swear word there, it’ll fit the situation.

So. We homeschool. Last year we joined a homeschool co-op. It’s cooperative, meaning the parents teach a certain number of classes each semester, and the kids all get to attend various different classes and meet new kids/teachers/parents. Well… my kids have other ideas apparently.

I haven’t been able to take the 3yo to co-op for the last four weeks.  Every. single. time. he escapes and starts running around the church like a mad man. The nursery/preschool ladies have all commented on how quick he is. Yes, yes he is. He refuses to stay in his class, and then comes after me. Disrupting the classes I’m attempting to teach. Which is a pain in the ass to say the least.

Then every other week, my 5yo decides to pull something similar. She doesn’t want to do dance class because it’s too hard (well duh, we can’t afford dance classes so of course it’s new!), or whatever. Today she peed her leotard/underwear because she was ‘too shy’ to pull aside the teacher or assistants (there’s like 3-4 moms and maybe 5-6 girls, maybe). Would’ve had hubby come get the girl, but hubby had meetings (you know, he has to do that silly thing called work during the day) and by the time he was free she decided she’d go back to class and behave. But not before she was up my ass during my first Lego class of the day.  The whole. entire. class. She was on my elbow, bumping the table while I was trying to write, get yogurt on me, you name it. As in, she didn’t sit down and be quiet like I told her. Grrr.

I’m to the point where I’m *seriously* considering just not doing co-op for another year or two. This is just too damn much. If it were occasional misbehavior/noncooperation, that’s one thing. But it’s all. the. time. Which sucks for the 10yo and 7yo. They absolutely love it, and are totally thriving in the setting. They’re mostly doing what the teachers ask, they’re using good classroom etiquette, learning some neat things, and making some new friends. Those two didn’t do anything wrong, but because of their siblings, they might get to miss out.  Not to mention I’ll miss out as well – there’s some lovely families in the co-op that we get along with fabulously.  Sigh.


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