Saturdays are full of food

It’s Farmer’s Market *and* CSA day.  Granted, I pick up my CSA at the market, but still.  Regardless, it works out nicely.
This is my entire haul from the market.  Most of it *is* from my CSA, but some other stuff wasn’t (the two loaves of garlic parmesan bread, shallots, garlic, small bag of cherry tomatoes, two bags of broccoli).  We shall be doing a lot of prep and eating this week.  It’s nice knowing my stands at the market…  the folks know me, we chit chat a little, and yeah.  Those two big bags of broccoli?  $5.  No joke.  I’m kind of allergic to mornings, so I tend to hit the market later, a bit before closing so some things are selling out or other things people desperately need to get rid of (deal time!).  The tomato lady had a ton of broccoli that she hadn’t sold yet, and needed to get it gone.  So she waves me over, asks if I need broccoli to put in the freezer (except this much broccoli is like two meals, not even worth trying to freeze for me) and she’ll cut me a deal.  Um, sure, twist my arm.  😀  I forsee some Hollandaise sauce in our future.

Yup, canning, cleaning, putting away.   Was still putting away my market finds.  And washing the jars from the last few days, and getting things labeled.  Sure, the tomatoes look like tomatoes, but putting that *and* the date on them is just plain helpful.  Especially when rotating goodies.  It doesn’t look like a whole lot of jars, but trust me, it is.  Apparently my kitchen photographs better than I do – it seems to actually almost look nice and big in photos, when in reality and during the brunt of cooking/canning it feels quite small.


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