There’s something wrong with me

Seriously.  It takes forever it seems to get anything done in the kitchen, yet I’m in there all. the. time.

I must’ve forgotten to get a photo of the blueberries I got the other day.  Picked up a friend and her son (hey, one extra kid I can shove into my van, just no more than that).  We went blueberry picking.  Didn’t take long for the kids to start whining and running around, but hey, it was fresh air.  Oddly enough, my 3yo (shockingly!) was the one that did the most picking.  Every third one went into his mouth, but still.  Was amusing.  The farm we went to has like 8 varieties of blueberries.  There’s *tons* of varieties.  The runner-up taste-wise was Liberty I think, but the winner in taste hands down?  Spartan.  Which, given how silly my friend and I are, has started this whole “Sparta!” and “We are Sparta!!!” gigglefest and ongoing joke.  But really, they are *that* good of a blueberry, wow.  I’m going to *have* to get some plants of that variety and not kill them.
Oh, the end of my story?  The kids got blueberries and whipped cream for dessert that night.  They thought it was the. coolest. dessert. ever. because of the whipped cream.

Then using up a bunch of stuff from my CSA this week, I ended up doing a goofy pasta primavera.  The kids are loving baby bowtie noodles for whatever reason, and I like that it’s semi-easy to throw together with a built-in veggie (I’m lazy and have commercially canned alfredo sauce in the pantry, a girl’s got to take it easy sometime).  Luckily we found some at a store the other day so I got a few more boxes.  Hey, because of the noodles, they ate all these veggies – and that’s not a super small cutting board.

Cooking up dinner another night – didn’t have any more broccoli this night.  I had more veggies to use up, I was tired, and the kids loved this.  Leftovers are also gone in a snap, yay!  That green pot is a 4+ quart pot, too.

Finished product.  I added fresh tomatoes after the fact.  And under mine is a bunch of extra sauteed zucchini.  They’re not *huge* fans of zucchini, but they’ll eat at least a few bites.  I call it a day after that, so *I* get the rest.  Mwahaha.

Then today after plowing through a box of nectarines before they went bad, I used the scraps to start some nectarine vinegar.  Because, well, why not.  I found more half-gallon jars on sale, I have the scraps, and I use various vinegars in cooking.  Hmmm… you know how sometimes you make last-minute ‘buttermilk’ from vinegar and milk?  Wonder how it’d work with a fun flavored vinegar like this?  After this starts fermenting I may need to take it down to the homeschool room though, we shall see.


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