I never leave the kitchen, I swear

A giant pot of Sausage Tortellini Soup.  Which all the kids love and adore.   Sadly (or not), this pot gets use *way* more than you’d think.  Gotta love cast iron.
Apparently it’s also good for building the triceps…  My triceps can lift more than my biceps (was the total opposite a few years back last time I had a gym membership), and besides having more kids, the only real things that have changed are the amounts of things I can up, and using more and more cast iron pots.  Is there anything cast iron can’t do?  😉

1.5 gallons of cream turned into butter and buttermilk (pictured is 2 gallons, a friend came and bought some of the cream off me).  Some salted, some unsalted butter.  Some plain buttermilk for pancakes the next day, some cultured buttermilk for more pancakes or waffles later this week.


Another batch of water kefir.  The kids love it.

Filling up more frozen yogurt popsicles.  Again, this is a know-your-crowd thing.  What kid wouldn’t love to be told to go get a [breakfast] cookie and a [yogurt] popsicle for breakfast?  Yeah, pretty much.  Bonus, they can all get it themselves.  The 3yo needs a little help from siblings, but hey, he can still pilfer/glean more than you’d think.  The last few rounds, I’ve been emptying a bunch of the 6oz yogurt cups I got on sale a while back that need used up.  So some of the popsicles have 2-3 flavors in them, depending on what flavors I was using up.  Surprise!  One was strawberry and vanilla, another one was blueberry and vanilla, another one was strawberry and peach.  Good thing the kids are used to a variety of flavors.

A giant batch of Egg Toasties.  The kids are loving pre-made breakfasts.  I do the hard/dirty work, they get the fun of reheating stuff in the morning.  Bonus, mommy doesn’t have to wake at the crack of dawn to feed them.

Dehydrating, well, everything.  Huckleberries, herbs, I need to whip up a batch of granola here shortly to do another fun breakfast idea.  Basically, parfait in popsicle form.  Layer the yogurt and granola in the popsicle mold.  If it bombs, hey, we’ll still have the rest of the granola, yum.


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