Minor harvest from the garden. And a *giant* ear.

We haven’t exactly had a chance to get outside and do much with the yard this year.  Just ended up that way.  Hubby’s busy with work, I’m apparently not allowed (by order of a destructive 3yo) to do anything but sit at the patio door.  If I go out and try to weed and end up getting dirty, it takes me longer to make meals (because I’m covered in dust) or I have to take off shoes and such if I need to go upstairs and change diapers or just flat out because the 3yo can’t be trusted with anything.  Ever.

Oh, so we hadn’t had a chance to re-bait the yellow jacket traps.  By we, I mean my saintly husband.  Apparently, some of the hornets and yellow jackets hadn’t figured out they need to die yet (or relocate), and this happened.  Can you spot it?

That’s right, his ear.  He got stung on the very tippy top edge of his ear.  You’d think the wasp cut off his entire ear the way he was carrying on.  So I slapped some hydrated clay on him, gave up trying to put a bandaid on it because he refused to stay still, and off we went.  A day later, he’s doing fine.  I think it’s still a smidge swollen, but not like right here.

I’ve accumulated quite the stash of cream in the garage fridge.  Yes, those are half-gallon jars.  Today shall be the day they turn into butter.  I also finally read the directions for making my cultured buttermilk, and yeah.  It’s a little involved, I need to re-read the instructions several times so I don’t screw it up.  I’ll start the buttermilk this week most likely with the fresher cream.
Can you tell how old this cream is?  And no mold, fuzz, nothin’.  Three guesses as to why it’s hung out in the fridge for 1, 2, 3 and 4 weeks (oldest on the left, you can tell because of how separated it is! almost looks/smells like butter when you crack open the lid).  😀

Harvest from the yard.  So far.  From left to right is…  Comfrey, peppermint, basil, stevia.  I have little bowls/plates of drying stuff all over the kitchen right now because my dehydrator is kind of buried behind a bunch of crap in the homeschool room.  I need to dig it out so I can dehydrate huckleberries in the next few days.


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