First round of huckleberry picking

The kids just took off running up the little hill towards berries, I barely even got this shot.  The girl staged everybody so they were in height order, she’s already turning into a little mommy.  Why yes, I dress my children in orange in the forest, you don’t?
They didn’t really do much picking, just ran around yelling for each other through the bushes/trees.  Whatever, it was fresh air.
Hubby and I got about a quart by the time we all ran out of patience with each other.  Picking huckleberries is quite a bit different than  blueberries, takes much longer.  Well, maybe not long if you just rip the whole plant out of the ground like I’ve seen some folks do (grrr, don’t tell me you’re all pro-earth driving your Prius around when you do #$%# like that).  We prefer to leave the plants right there in the ground and come back every year for yummy berries.


Took overnight, but my bacon grease solidified.  We should be set for a bit.

Homestead Blog Hop #119

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