It kinda feels like I didn’t do much of anything today, but I at least got a few small things done.

Finally got some bacon grease reheated, re-strained, and put into jars.  I’m hearing a little ping every so often.  Yes, bacon grease is one of the very few things I do the inversion-type method of canning.  It’s freakin’ bacon grease, not fresh peaches, so yeah.  This bacon grease is from my round of canning bacon bits a while back.  You’d be surprised what you can use bacon grease for, it’s kinda fun.  I think we’ve barely used a quart of canola oil in the last year (I wasn’t going to use my expensive coconut oil on potluck brownies, sorry) because we’ve gone to almost all more natural fats.
Strained some tinctures.  The two pints are a multivitamin glycerite (no vodka, not today – I think tincture = vodka and glycerite = glycerine), we shall see how I like it.  The little half pint on the right is… something a little different.  My sister gave me some adrenal pills back when I was still nursing.  You’re not supposed to take them while pregnant or nursing.  So, they sat on a shelf.  Then the 3yo weaned himself a while back, but I can’t swallow pills.  So I emptied all the gel caps into a quart jar, dumped some vegetable glycerine on top, and let it sit for a while.  A few months?  I can’t remember.  Finally dealt with it today.  Again, we shall see how it works out.
Then by the end of the night, I was sitting down with my planner trying to meal plan.  I’m almost a little jealous of the folks that only plan out dinners.  I sometimes miss those days.  I have to plan to have stuff on hand for all. three. meals. and then some because we’re all home, all day.  Shockingly, the hubby does like breakfast and lunch some days, and good luck trying to *not* feed my crew, they practically declare mutiny.

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