Lots of shoes

Got shoes?  Yeah, it was time to sort through everything.  These are all the shoes we had in the house, in many, many sizes.  Some the 3yo had finally outgrown, some the 5yo girl won’t be into for another few years, some a year or two ahead of the 9yo.  I like being prepared, they grow overnight.  Took some time, but we got them all sorted.  Several pairs are in each of those Trofast bins in the background – each child has one bin to throw their shoes in so they’re not all over the place.   Also have an 18-gallon tub in a closet now with all the on-deck shoes.

The 9yo, 7yo and I busted out the regular Monopoly tonight.  The Monopoly Junior is just hard for me to get a grip on, after so many of my younger years spent playing Monopoly while babysitting.
Lots o shoes
So…  I almost thought the 7yo smoked me, but by bedtime he only had $1109, a 12 properties, two houses and a get out of jail free card.  Little stinker got three of the darned railroads on his first round through the board!  How on earth does that happen?!?
The 9yo… he has yet to learn the whole patience is a virtue thing, so he was down to like $546, six properties (I, ahem, pulled a fast one on him, sold him a red property for practically extortion because he wanted a monopoly so bad), three houses.
I ended the night with $3275, 9 properties and 3 houses.  Also sold the 7yo a light blue property for a song…  hey, they negotiated, it happens.  Teehee.  It won’t be long before I’m the one destitute and in the gutter while playing this game.


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