First aid kit roll call.

I’m a girl scout.  Well, or at least I was very much involved in girl scouts in my younger years, not so much since having kids (mostly boys!).  So it’s no surprise that I have first aid kits pretty much everywhere you look.  The components and sizes of the kits have shifted over the years (having four kids, it’s just *more* of everything!), but still.

This is the one in my purse or that I drag around the house with me.  It’s allergy season, and my meds are currently in this sucker at all times.

The innards of the little purse kit.  Some gauze, alcohol wipes, bandaids.  Homeopathic meds, essential oils blends in roller ball glass containers including thieves oil, an herbal salve (instead of Neosporin), chapstick, calendula succus, bee pollen, and you just never know when you’re going to need your trusty 25yo Swiss Army knife (that’s kind of dull now, but I usually use the scissors anyhow).

The first aid kit in my hubby’s car.  All the vehicles have one like this, I just haven’t pimped all of them out hippie style yet.

Started with a cute little $8 kit from Ikea – has gauze, flat scissors, a CPR mouth thingie, pretty neat really.  Then I added my own stuff with Thieves Oil, Rescue Remedy, activated charcoal capsules, arnica, the herbal Neosporin replacement.

Ah, my main first aid kit.  It’s in a cabinet in the dining room.  All the kids, from the 9yo down to the 3yo know exactly where it is.  If there’s an ouchie, they know to grab it and then me.  The outside has easy access to bandaids, and the Neosporin that I never use.

Inside we get to the fun stuff.  I have a few little homemade packets of clay and aloe (made from straws), homeopathic meds for a variety of ailments, activated charcoal, hydrated Redmond Clay, more bandaids and big gauze squares, and a few other random things.

Okay, my newest fun.  My essential oil kit.  I was trying to figure something out, especially something that would help contain the scent so as to not annoy the hubby too much.  Hey, he okayed me getting a boatload of fun here as my birthday/anniversary/mother’s day present, I’m playing the game nicely here.  (And to be fair, some of the scents are pretty strong since they’re not diluted.)

The inside.  Isn’t it pretty?!?  I threw in some Arnica in there just because, and there’s a few dropper bottles of colloidal silver (you never know when/where you’ll need it!) along with a bottle of mullein something and calendula succus and a few honey sticks (easy packaging for whatever comes your way!).  All kinds of oils and blends and fun.

Here’s where I keep most of our extra/stash of meds.  In short-ish tubs under places.  Extra cough drops, arnica pellets, empty essential oil things like dram or dropper bottles and little pipettes, that kind of thing.

On a completely unrelated note, my poor fridge.  I don’t know what gets into me on holidays, but I just end up cleaning my fridge.  And by cleaning, I don’t mean toss out the icky stuff (which I also do).  I mean pull out drawers and shelves and wipe/hose everything down and all that jazz.

It’s hard to see the drips and grime here, but yeah, it was less than impressive.  I got 95% of it.  Hey, I’m not perfect.  Wondering what that wacky plastic coil is?  That’s where the water gets to hang out and chill before it comes out of the dispenser on the front of the freezer.

Ah, all shiny and pretty.  Not new, but shiny.  Lots more light.  I finally moved the cheese/meat drawer to create another little shelf.  Have no idea why I hadn’t thought of that before, but oh well.  It works, looks nice, and keeps me from piling things up on each other like previously.  Then I went and ruined this by going and getting my CSA a day or two later, refilling a few spots there, but hey, there’s worse things.  Better to have too much food than too little.

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