Our homeschool “room” and getting carded

I don’t remember getting carded very often (well, okay, when I buy four bottles of vodka at the liquor store for tincture making), but I get carded for this.  No joke.  Only I could get carded for spray paint, cough syrup, and oatmeal.  Yeah.  Don’t worry, there shall be photos of what on earth I’m up to with these.  Eventually.

One of my closest friends was in town visiting.  Our boys were off doing who knows what in my backyard or living room, but here’s our girls.  So cute, eh?  They totally didn’t match on purpose, either, just ended up that way, and they were being super cute so I snapped a few photos. 

On a forum, some ladies were asking what your homeschool setup looks like.  I took these photos tonight.  No, I didn’t tidy up.  I’m still recovering from being sick, and we’re in the middle of several house/organizing/creating projects.  It’ll look nice when it’s all said and done, but you know how nuts things are in the “during” phase.

Living room.  We read stories on the couch, watch things on the DVD player/Netflix (hey, I’m not going to be able to take them to the North Pole to see the penguins or test drive scooters in Vietnam or Extreme Engineering or pretty much all things Raging Planet and such).  They also build/assemble a bunch of Legos/trains/whatever here as well.

Dining room/kitchen.  Cooking, baking, and the dining table.  ‘Nuff said.  There’s also the patio door to the backyard.  Photos of the backyard are in a previous post (it’s nighttime, photo doesn’t turn out).  Backyard = science, math, geology, PE, home ec, etc.

Legos.  Need I say more?  Right now their main home is in the kids’ closet.

From left to right in the [messy!] homeschool room.

More to the left.

The right.  Did I mention I’m in the middle of a bunch of assembly?  There’s shelves to be painted and glued, a kitchen cart to be assembled and stained, and two dressers to be assembled and stained in here, along with some other stuff.


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