Look, a countertop!

I know, I know, rather boring, eh?  Until you look at it…  I *just* cleaned it off, today in fact!  Scrubbed that wall back under the phone and microwave (it’s hidden by the Berkey, but it’s there), everything.  Even my semi-astonished hubby looked inside the microwave and asked if I’d cleaned it (I rarely clean it, ahem).

Anyway.  This is just a little taste of our life in this photo.  Spackle.  Coconut oil.  My kitchen scale that’s finally starting to die (waaah!).  The Berkey water filter, complete with pretty bow (go ahead, ask me about it!).  Clean, empty jars I haven’t taken downstairs yet.  Kettle corn from the farmer’s market.  Unpaper towels/napkins.  A first aid kit.  That sums up our days fairly well I suppose. 

Oh, and if you’re ever planning on putting in laminate countertop?  Don’t get solid ivory.  Just. say. no.  Trust me.  You’re welcome.

Weekly Homestead Barn Hop.


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