It was the day of waffles.

We shall now have waffles for a month.  Or two.  I needed to use up my 6+qts of buttermilk, and needed more easy-for-the-9yo-to-reheat breakfasts.  I lost count how many batches it was after the 6th double batch, and we ate some for lunch, so I haven’t a clue how many are there.  Other than, a lot.

The one day it was mostly dry out (started sprinkling right as we were cleaning up), so hubby got out the orbital sander for me, and I started sanding down a bunch of lumber I have plans to turn into some fun things around the house.  Hopefully I’ll get it done.  Sometime.  Soon, hopefully.

While I was out there, hubby needed to change the oil in his car.  The kids were enthralled.  The 7yo got to hand him tools and help with draining and all that fun. 

I totally missed this awesome shot of hubby, the 7yo, 4yo and 3yo all laying down on that cloth, inspecting the undercarriage.  It was so adorable.


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