He turned seven years old! (better late than never, this was a few weeks ago)

How the heck did that happen?!

He’s…  well, he’s the 7yo.  He’s stubborn and determined, sometimes his brain moves faster than he can make his tongue/lips cooperate.  He loves building things with Legos.  He’s into pretty much every Lego or vehicle/truck.  He is still thrilled by even the smallest things that make him happy.  Like “new” pants I get for him at consignment sales.  Or the $2 Mario Kart backpack I got for him at another consignment sale, or whatever.  He’s also by far our sneakiest one so far…  he tries to get away with so much.  Doesn’t always work out for him though.  Today he did well though.  He accidentally spilled half of one of my spice containers (of thyme, go figure), and rather than cover it up, he just came and got me.  I just giggled because, well, it happens.  Or the other day he took a tumble off his bike.  He was going faster than he was supposed to.  Luckily, he was wearing his helmet, but he scraped up his elbow right there with all the nerve endings so it hurts like a @#$% and he also managed to put a hole in the back of his shirt.  He was in tears about his shirt, thinking I was going to be super angry.  After going through all the ‘are you okay’ and doing the bandaid thing and the ‘this is why we wear helmets’ thing, we got to the shirt part.  I may end up putting some funky patch on it here if I get around to it, but hey, it happens.  And when I only paid like $1-$2 for the shirt, I’m certainly not going to be as upset about it like I would be with a $30 shirt (which, ahem, just doesn’t happen – even hubby’s wrinkle-free shirts were $17/ea). 

Anyway.  We went hunting for cupcakes on his birthday.  There were like 2-3 cupcake shops around town.  Went to the one I liked, the cupcakes were always yummy.  The building was completely empty.  In my old age, I have no shame, so we walked into the bar/restaurant next door to ask the guy.  Yup, they went out of business, but there’s another one behind a restaurant across the street.  Off we go.  That one closed, too.  Well damnit.  We need cupcakes for a birthday!  So we start walking back to the hamburger joint the 7yo and I were meeting everybody else at.  On the way there, we stop in at a chocolate shop and I start asking the gal if she knows what’s up.  Yes, she certainly does.  And then points us in the direction of the last cupcake shop in town that’s still open.  So we finally hit up that store before heading home.  That said, we won’t be frequenting that place again, the cupcakes weren’t all *that* great, Betty Crocker and I could probably do something less dry and much tastier.  Wow, I’m wordy today. 

It was just a quiet, fun, family affair.  Involving a lot of candles for an itty bitty cupcake.

Why yes, he certainly was excited for chocolate cake.

Look at those dimples!

All the kids snarfing down their cupcakes.  The 3yo tends to just eat the frosting off things though, drives me batty.  I’m one of those who’s good with just a thin layer of frosting/icing on things, so a kid who would be happy with *just* frosting…. presents a challenge for me.


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