It was a decent mid-30’s birthday.

Another consignment sale in the books.  Why yes, I went shopping on my birthday.  I didn’t really have much of a choice, they didn’t ask if they could have half-off day on my birthday, so yeah.  I ended up also hitting a certain grocery store in the same town, and also Old Navy, all by myself.  So it was a decent birthday.

Oh, back to the stuff.  Why yes, I was on an orange spree.  Why?  Because the kids wear orange when out wood cutting with Daddy.  It’s just the way it is.  Secondly, I also use orange to my advantage.  Most folks don’t buy orange for their kids, let alone all four of them.  So…  When we’re going to be at a busy park [playdate] or at the children’s museum or at the local theme park, I will totally dress the kids up in the same color shirt.  My favorites are orange and lime green, sometimes red.  Because those stand out.  Plus when you’re introducing yourself, being able to say ‘oh yeah, mine are all the kids in orange shirts’ is kind of handy.    Yes, I know I’m not normal, but hey, after so many years of doing headcounts at playgrounds, you might do the same. 

When this sale was all said and done I ended up with….
5 pairs of pants
3 pairs of shoes
2 pairs of sandals
1 Mario Kart backpack
1 cotton twin duvet cover and pillowcase
1 purse for me (the cute little black one!)
2 little (greenish) purse/containers (the bigger flower one will be an activity book thingie for the 3yo, the smaller one may end up being used for essential oils, we’ll see)
2 sweatshirts
15 orange shirts
3 other shirts
1 set of pajamas
1 play dress (as in, it cost a dollar, she can scuff it up all she wants)
1 towel cover up
1 snorkel (which the 7yo promptly used at the next swim lesson)
4 swim suits (I like having 2-3 per size, I suck at laundry, plus with our season passes to the local theme park that has a water area, yeah)
19 books, including 7 American Girl books.
The ending total for my haul wasn’t super cheap, but hey, it’s not the rock-bottom priced consignment sale.  Most things I got were half priced or decently priced at any rate – there were a few things I came across that I liked, but I just wasn’t up for paying $10 for a pair of obviously used sneakers, no matter the name brand.

Canned goodies headed across the state.  My sister gets the box on the left because she knows what to do with the reusable lids.  As in, *not* throw them away.  The other box is off to be divvied up between two cousins and three uncles of mine.  Hopefully it doesn’t turn into a brawl over Grandma’s secret recipe relish.

The main basement room before.  Yeah, it was looking a bit like an episode of Hoarders.  I’m working on it…  Difficult with kids around that keep wanting to be fed, plus we’re still working on storage and I’m constantly trying to think up ideas to put more storage up on the walls and use the vertical space.

The main basement room after.  There’s still piles of things….  Empty jars in boxes to either put aside or take to the storage unit until they’re needed again, a basket of stuff to sell, a pile of Goodwill stuff, a few jarred things I need to puree and dehydrate, some old and busted versions of our filing system that never worked, the things that take some time to deal with.

These are all empty, clean jars.  And this is just a tiny, adorable stack.  Storing empties is one of my constant issues it seems.  I need to figure out a better, more consistent, easy way to do it.

These two boxes contain a bunch of dried plant matter.  A bunch of herbal goodness I got during my trip to Portland.  They hopefully won’t always be here.

Hopefully sometime soon, we’ll have some narrow little shelves (those Bekvam spice racks from Ikea to be exact) hung up all above my drawers of spices and by the carbon monoxide detector.  Easy to see and grab, but the herbs will still be in a cool, dry, dark place.


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