Burnt croissants

These didn’t turn out like I’d hoped.  Turns out you really should set your oven timer when baking.  Whoops.

This is what they’re supposed to look like, just golden brown and delicious.

They were playing dress-up.  They were twirling around and having a blast, despite these goofy “cheese!” photos I took.

The yard and some garden.  A few things like the parsley and over-wintered celery are perking up, I saw a few teeny asparagus shoots the other day.  See all that brown yard?  The kids have run around the yard so much that it’s just straight up dirt now.  No grass.  At all.

The blackberry canes I’d transplanted last year.  Put the thyme there as well, having to dig up stuff from the front yard so we can fix the entry way.  The 9yo started mulching things for me, but then we ran out of our pile of wood chips.  Aiming to work on reclaiming the garden spaces this year and mulching everything within an inch of it’s life.  Because I detest weeding, I just need to own it and act accordingly and mulch like there’s no tomorrow.

My 6yo has been grabbing the camera and getting some really funny photos.  This is the messy kitchen from a 6yo’s perspective.  Apparently I hadn’t done dishes yet.

I’ve been working on re-doing our emergency supplies in the van.  They need to be somewhat easily accessible, but need to stay put and out of the way, without taking up my trunk space that I need for hauling stuff around.

Enter the little plastic lidded containers I’ve found from various places.  They snug up underneath the seats there, almost inconspicuous.  And so far they’re staying where they need to.

See, just out of the way.  There’s some food and water, a change of clothes for each child (in a size or two larger in part so I don’t have to change them out for a bit), extra blanket(s), those little heating pouch thingies, things along that line.  Mostly a just-in-case thing, and were we to have to evacuate our houses with our 72-hour kits, this would just be a nice extra oomph.  Especially since we’d likely not be able to evacuate on foot with so many youngsters.

And then the oft-used snack cooler that’s underneath the 3yo’s feet (so he almost has a floor under his feet).  The 9yo sits next to him in the van, and can dole out snacks for me as need be.  I struggle sometimes keeping this current and filled, but it is what it is.  I finally scrubbed down the inside of it for the first time last week, whoops.

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