It’s herb-ing time!

Finally got my vanilla extract steeping.  On the left, I saw a cheapy raspberry vodka, and decided what the hell, worth a shot.  In the middle is an extract with a locally made (read: expensive) vodka.  And hot damn, that stuff’ll put some hair on your chest just from sniffing it.  On the right is my first multi-vitamin tincture attempt.  That was before I’d gotten a lid on it and shaken it up – you can see the different levels of herbs (which were still kinda hydrating from the fluid), the vegetable glycerine, and filtered water. 

MIL and her boyfriend took us to Cabela’s today.  Leave it to me to find randomness there for myself.  New sandals without a heel for me, a new tackle box for more essential oils/herby goodness, and two sun hats.  I couldn’t decide between the two, so MIL bought be both for my birthday.    The pretty blue one because, well, it’s pretty.  The light green one has a longer/floppy part in the back to cover my neck – I’ve been haphazardly looking around for something to wear while out in the garden or whatnot, and this’ll do the trick. 

And I started loading up my new pretty first aid kit with the essential oils and other goodies I’ve accumulated over the last several months.  Put some colloidal silver in smaller dropper dram bottles, some calendula succus in tiny little orofice reducer bottles, and plain EO’s in some of the half/one dram bottles.  In the bottom so far are vitamin C drops, honey sticks (hey, you never know when you’ll need those!), a spice bottle of gummy bears (again, you never know), and the little 4oz jars each have plain ground flax seed, dry Redmond clay, bee pollen, and a mixture of charcoal and ground flax seed (add some water/honey and you have a poultice ready for yucky bites/stings).  Need to get more bandaids and gauze for the whole house regardless, but one thing at a time.

Homestead Barn Hop.


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