What do Beyonce, herbs, croissants, and orange countertop all have in common? Me.

I love that my local grocery store has their very own Beyonce the chicken.  Love it.  I have yet to pull aside one of the workers and ask about it though.  Makes me chuckle every time I pass by it.  Why yes, my 4.5yo and the little cart she was driving for me posed right there next to mini-Beyonce.

Last week when Grandma was up.  Why yes, her 9yo grandson is almost as tall as her.  Same size shoes already.  Yes,  I know they’re making funny faces, they are my children after all.

Sigh.  Sometimes you just see things in this house.  And go get the camera.  He wasn’t asleep (although I wouldn’t put it past him), but he was burrowing for whatever reason.

Cute little spice rack, eh?  The tall jars are pint-and-a-half (hard to find locally!) next to pint jars.  It’s a simple little wooden spice rack from Ikea that is all over pinterest as bookshelves and who knows what else.

So…  Hubby finally had a chance to put up my Fintorp rails to organize our crap on the dining room wall.  The thing we had before… just wasn’t working.  I think this will.  So anyway, see that blank foot and a half/two feet above those rails and the giant wall calendar?  I’m thinking of having the hubby hang a bunch of those spice racks to put my herbage so I can grab it quickly if need be.  Plus I think it’d be cute, and hey, we’re going vertical with storage.  If it’s up in the kitchen, I can put other stuff down in the basement.

Here’s an awesome Photoshop “nailed it!” kind of rendition of that possibility.  The spice racks are actually half the length of the rails, so the dimensions are just ever so slightly off.

Ah, our lovely 3sf bathroom.  Well, it’s not three square feet, but it sure feels like it.  Here’s our newly organized bathroom wall here.  I got a few Bygel (from Ikea) rails to put up in the bathroom.  Each little white cup has each child’s toothbrush and their own toothpaste (no more fighting about that is my goal, and hey, if they want to choose their toothpaste from what I’ve got on hand, groovy).  The rail on the right wall has a hanging basket with a few meds, a cup hanging off it with random toothbrushes I can’t figure out the owners to, and then there’s a bucket for hubby’s razor.  Nice and handy since the outlet is directly underneath.  So there’s not much clutter left on the counter – looks cleaner, and easier to swipe down so it doesn’t get so nasty. 

So, if you want to know how small this room is?  See that full garbage can there?  And that plunger to the right of it?  (yes, we’re classy, what of it?)  The toilet is *right* there – you can see the top of the tank in the mirror’s reflection.  And the tub there, a mere 6-8 inches from the side of the toilet.  You can literally (if your arms are long enough) sit on the toilet doing your business, start up the shower, turn on the sink, and rifle in the cabinet under the sink.  While still doing your business.  I have to block the door with my feet while on the throne when the kids bust into the room because the door will effectively take off your legs because it just barely skims past the toilet bowl/seat.  Still not 100% if there’s a better way to layout the bathroom, but damn, they sure squeezed a ton in there in a small amount of space.

More freezer meals.  Ham and cheese croissants.

Trying out a little something extra for me/my planner.  Monthly menu planning.  I can magnet up the current week on the fridge, but this can hopefully help me plan out the month and using freezer meals a smidge better.


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