The beginning of Easter.  Had to go find my sneakily placed Lego sets I’d accumulated for the kids.  Then sort the eggs into colors.  Why?  Because each child gets to hunt for their own color.  This year, the 3yo is orange, the 9yo is yellow, the 4yo is purple, the 6yo is blue, and green is for everybody.  Each child is getting their own Lego set, hence the need for specific colors.

After my little marathon of opening up Legos and stuffing them into things.  The bag on the right is eggs to hide.  The yellow bag has too-big parts and directions that will somehow appear.

This year I did something a little different.  My 9yo and 6yo boys have been bugging me/teasing me that they know I’m the Easter Bunny.  I don’t say anything definitive one way or the other (gotta love leading questions to make them think!  all these years of homeschooling and using that technique to help them learn pays off!), but come on now, if you’re going to accuse me of something, you boys need hard proof.    So, in a quiet, thinking restroom moment, I had a flash of brilliance.  The Easter bunny won’t make a stop by our house.  He’s going to be confused (or drunk for the older set I suppose), and “accidentally” leave the kids’ eggs hidden in our neighbor’s yard!  I figure it’s a win-win.  It’s not our yard, so the kids can’t straight up accuse me of being the bunny (they’ll have to think about it – we’re big on critical thinking here).  As long as hubby and Grandma keep the front curtains closed (usually not a problem), we’re good.  And then, we’ll get to hang out with our elderly, twice widowered neighbor for a bit.  He seems to get a total kick out my crazy little kids, thought my idea was strange, if not fun sounding, and acquiesced.  He’s a kick in the pants personality wise, and since being widowed, I keep showing up on his doorstep to bug him/drop off the latest yummy creation and let him know we’re thinking of him and all that jazz.  I figure this is just another way to do that – even if I *am* sucking the poor man into our holiday insanity.

Oh, but we’re still doing Legos in the eggs.  That was a total hit last year.  Not only does it cut down on the sugar, but it gives them something fun/creative to do for the rest of the day, and I’m not stuck with dollar store garbage I’m just going to have to toss within the week anyway.  They will be getting *some* candy in a few eggs though, don’t you worry.  But not near as much as some other kids.  I also got some (free from the dentist) kid-sized Star Wars toothbrushes for Easter baskets when I was there getting fillings redone, but considering we just opened some new ones back in October (Halloween, a local dentist gives out brushes instead of candy), December (Christmas, yes, they get toothbrushes and toothpaste in their stocking, they love it) and February (tooth-cleaning time), I’m going to wait for summer solstice or something.  Dentists love to give away toothbrushes, especially to folks excited about them.  We’ve barely paid for toothbrushes in a good 2-3 years (the Angry Birds ones I found cheap at Grocery Outlet that we used for Christmas stockings are the exception).  When I relate my stories of how/when the kids receive them and how they love those colors I saw in the array or they love these characters, most dentists are thrilled to give up the goods.    Anyway.

Heading across the street after Mommy got a note in an egg that’d been left on our neighbor’s doorstep.  Ahem. 

And the hunt begins!!

She chose her outfit.  I asked her if she wanted to wear a dress with her leggings.  Nope, she likes that shirt (from Auntie!) and that is what she was wearing.  Sigh.  Wasn’t something I was going to bother pushing her on, at least she dressed herself.

The 3yo strutting around with Grandma.  He was still a little bit confused about the whole ordeal, but he did pretty good at going and getting his orange eggs when a sibling yelled out “here’s another orange one, 3yo!”

Love this photo of all four of them running off together to check the clothesline pole.  đŸ˜€

On our way back home.  That’s neighbor’s sister hanging out on the bench, hubby was off to the right chatting with neighbor. 

And here they are with all their loot.  Time to rip into it all.  Which they did right after I finished this photo.  And then they stayed almost quiet for the majority of the afternoon with Grandma so I could go out and de-stink the garage/fridge.  Photos of that adventure tomorrow.

Yup, digging in.

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