On the road

So.  I have this wonderful friend.  We met each other through various online venues over five years ago.  Back when we both had two little boys running around naked/almost naked, and I wasn’t quite pregnant with that 4.5yo girl there.  Our kids have grown up together.  We’ve canned boxes of peaches together.  We’ve shared life’s ups and downs and struggles with each other.  We’ve watched each other’s children.  In other words, we’re pretty darned good friends.  And her family’s embarking on a travel adventure for the forseeable future.  We’re not sure when we’re going to see each other in person again, so this last week was bittersweet.

So here they are from the kids’ last playdate we had. 
My 9yo, her 7.5yo, my 6.5yo, her 6yo, my 4.5yo, my 3yo.  Her 4mo was at home with mama, would be a cute bookend there by my 3yo.  It was a loud house this day, I have to admit.  But they had a good time, even if the kids were a little melancholy.

And because I am who I am, I dropped off her kids with this.  A box full of goodies while on the road.  Snacky things like cashews, baby carrots, some ranch dip cups, go-gurts, apples, applesauce pouches, crackers, cheese slices, frozen muffins, frozen homemade uncrustables, napkins, and a few plastic grocery bags to put the garbage in.  I was rather pleased with myself with throwing this together that night with all the kids running around.


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